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Our Branch is located in a suburban area made up of Blairgowrie, Bordeaux, Bryanston, Ferndale, Fountainbleau, Hurlingham Manor, Malanshof, Moret, Ruiterhof, President Ridge, Willowild and Randburg CBD.

Our doors officially opened in February 2012, as a result of the demarcation process that resulted in Ward 101, Ward 102 and Ward 104 standing as independent wards and assumed the seal of the late Comrade “Denis Goldberg” on the 14th of April 2012 under the Chairpersonship of Israel Modisaotsile



To increase membership by demonstrating that the Branch drives and engages in programs seeking to develop and empower its members and delivers on the needs of its members.


The Denis Goldberg branch seeks to contribute in a meaningful way to the quality of lives of the people of Randburg.

Strategic Objectives

  • Radical Economic Transformation
  • Social Development
  • Political Education
  • Leadership Development




Denis Theodore Goldberg born 11 April 1933, was a South African social campaigner, who was active in the struggle against apartheid. He was accused No. 3 in the Rivonia Trial, alongside the better-known Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu, where he was also the youngest of the defendants.

He was imprisoned for 22 years, along with other members o the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. When he was released in 1985 he continued to campaign againt apartheid from his base in London with his family until the apartheid system was fully abolished with the 1994 election.

He then returned to South Africa in 2002 and founded the non-profit Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust in 2015. He was later diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2019 and died in Cape Town on the 29th of April 2020

The film above is by the University of Cape Town South Africa

Film is by: Zameka Ngalwa

Xhosa Poet’s tribute to Denis Goldberg

Denis Goldberg Legacy Foundation Trust

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Community Safety

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Our Community

Your voice is our voice

We as the Denis Goldberg Branch are dedicated and passionate in hearing the voice of our people and providing assistance in all areas of need.

The march
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Aabideen Shaq

Cleaner community

We strive for a cleaner community free of drugs, violence and theft.

Safer community

A coomunity free of house break-ins, armed robberies etc.


We seek to provide job opportunities for our members and community.

Skills Development

We seek to empower our members and community with new skills for the new world.

Constituency Objectives

Our Branch is Here

If you have any comments or would like to share any information with us.

Our dUTY

For The People

We will continue to do our good work and ensure for better services and opportunites for our people.

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